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Bespoke Home Retreats


Why, despite spending a fortune on courses, books, retreats, workshops and life coaches, and having all the best intentions in the world, you still struggle and yoyo with food, health, weight and energy issues.

Do you feel that your diet isn't great and desperately want to change it but are completely baffled by all the contradictory advice and information available. Do you have no idea where to start or know what is actually good for you?

You have great intentions but get put off by the endless articles, products, sales pitches and latest miracle cures. Do you think that eating healthily means denying yourself pleasure? Do you feel that you could become isolated from your family or socially if you really commit to what you know is best for your health, so you compromise your ideal choice to 'fit in' amongst others? Maybe you then feel bad afterwards because you didn't stay true to yourself or you feel heavy and sluggish after eating something you wished you hadn't?

Are you someone who is always taking care of others' needs and prioritising them over your own? Or do you worry that if you actually took care of your own needs first that you would offend people or come across as selfish?

Have you been in that situation where you know you need to do something for yourself - cook and eat a meal, drink some water, go to the loo, get outside and take some air, sit down, close the door, take a long bath, have some 'me' time, say no, cancel an appointment etc - but you didn't act on it because you feel you didn't have the time, you needed to meet a deadline, were afraid you might disappoint someone else, felt that it wasn't possible to stop what you were doing etc?

Have you then found yourself with an uneasy feeling inside because you know you should have listened to yourself?

Do you eat out of habit or for comfort and try to eat healthily and do nourishing things for yourself but struggle to maintain them and integrate them into your life?

You have all the right intentions and give things a go but quickly fall back into old patterns, only to spend hours procrastinating and beating yourself up for giving up so easily.

Who am I and why am I so committed to helping you find freedom from your food and health traps?

Hi. I'm Hayley and welcome to My Holistic Kitchen.



"I recently attended a weeks retreat with Hayley on one of her Bloom Holistic Retreats with Kirsten Chick. Together we prepared and cooked healthy, amazing, divine food and I was totally blown away by the level of expertise and skill this woman has! I have never met anyone so confident, experienced and knowledgeable. Seriously, she should be cloned, brought into all homes and schools and all children have this as their basic education. All the other participants were just as much in awe as I was, I know because I saw it in their faces. So glad I met her."

Johanna, London


"Hayley’s passion for what she does is truly inspiring. I have learnt so much – a tremendous and heartfelt thank you!"

Retreat Participant

Food has been a big deal for me in my life and my health paid the price for years of ignorance and a poor diet lacking in nutrients.

Now I cherish and fully enjoy the food I prepare for myself, after years on a reeducating myself mission. I now make all my own meals around 95% of the time with reverence, love, respect and no judgement as I have all the necessary information, tools and support I need to listen and respond to my body's needs.

I find it incredible that such a basic need as eating has become such a big deal.

Food is the hot topic these days as our minds have been opened and our tastebuds awakened to flavours and ingredients we may never have had access to just a generation ago.

We are blessed with an endless array of choices now around what to eat, where to eat and where to buy it from. So many in fact, that it is contributing to a disconnection between our bodies' real needs and what we are choosing to consume for desire or pleasure.

If we only ever eat what we desire and crave rather than what our bodies need to thrive, we become disconnected from our source and inner wisdom, and we quickly spiral downwards.

My journey with food, health and wellbeing has led me to be working with others who wish to make permanent health changes.

Scroll down to read more about my story and how this experience means I can offer you a truly unique personalised retreat.

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My Experience

Via my work on retreats, one on one mentoring, consulting, workshops and classes, I have helped turn around hundreds of people from being utterly confused about food, from eating very poor diets and from not knowing where to start or how to fit health into their daily life alongside other commitments to them feeling inspired, confident and creative.

Maybe like you, I knew absolutely nothing about food, cooking, body intelligence, health or nutrition, never mind how they were all so intrinsically interconnected, until my first glimmer that this was my destiny, aged around 30 years old. Since then I have been on a path of complete body/mind reeducation.

For a long time food became the main focus of my life. It had to.

To gradually reprogramme the body (or more importantly the mind!) to learn to accept and feel nourished by real, fresh, organic, mainly vegan produce with superfoods and tonic herbs, wild foods and fermented foods has been a long road. I needed time. I wasn't able to go raw overnight or go vegan just like that!

I have learnt to discover what is right for me now and at any given moment which is a liberation. This new way of eating has become normal and I cannot imagine for a second now waking up in the morning to a bowl of cereal or packet muesli with commercial yogurt or milk, or grabbing a sandwich or wrap for lunch and a packet of crisps. Or opening up a supermarket finest range lasagne and a packet salad with a ready made dressing for dinner. Plus of course the obligatory luxury cream and chocolate filled dessert! But I did that for years in addition to the fast food chain lifestyle, the chip shop, sweet shop and the takeaway.

This is not to judge anyone else's eating preferences, just to say that for me eating this way made me feel TERRIBLE! And I didn't even know it until I stopped doing it and changed my habits.

My main point here is that I don't want this to take YOU 30 years, plus an extra 15 of serious study, to have access to the basic tools, techniques, recipes and information that can help you in nourishing your deepest self on a daily basis, for the rest of your life and effortlessly, because you WANT to do it and because it makes you feel so GOOD!!

It has cost me a fortune in retreats, workshops, courses, trainings, coaching, private lessons, books and many many hours of practice to arrive at the point where my self care is becoming a normal part of daily life and to feel that I am worth that. I don't want anyone else to feel that they are not worth taking the time each day to meet their basic self nourishment needs. Not all of us are brought up believing this our birthright, some of us need to learn it!

Imagine how it would feel to wake up each morning feeling energised, calm and enthusiastic about the day ahead. Knowing that you step into your kitchen feeling inspired to create something healthy for yourself for breakfast and the day, spending precious time on healing self care rituals and maybe even time to sit and connect to the breath and the rhythms of nature.

Imagine then, having giving yourself the most perfect start, you breeze through your day meeting all your responsibilities and navigating challenges without added stress or tension.

Imagine that you feel at home in your body and live YOUR truth, living a life feeling worthy, valued and supported, knowing that you are always doing the very best for yourself in creating the optimum life you want to be living!

Why 'self care' is SO much more than just food!
Do you struggle to meet your daily self care needs with ease?

True health works all on all levels and is not only about food. It means feeling good about pampering ourselves, in taking time in nature, self reflection, creative expression, in our work, with family and friends, in expanding our knowledge and minds, in being aware of the bigger picture and the impact of our choices and fundamentally in enjoying living!

It is too easy to say 'I don't have the time'. This is an illusion as it's all about priorities. This statement may well be controversial and it is never what any of us want to hear as it requires us taking responsibility. The more important question is what happens if I DON'T spend the time meeting my daily self care needs?

What happens is that we 'get by' and miss out on feeling energised and clear enough to live a full life. The time is there, it is what we choose to do with it. All our tasks and responsibilities are a choice. Somewhere in there surely we can find the time to prioritise taking care of ourselves properly. Then what we choose to do, give and share with others comes from a much more genuine and heart centered place within us.

Do you regularly put aside your own needs to fulfill responsibilities or take care of others?

I was definitely one of those people. It has taken me many years to arrive to a point where I no longer feel guilty for taking the time I need to look after myself properly and orientating my daily schedules around that routine. To take time and space for me. To create my own daily schedules. Do work that I love. Value having a home. To feel comfortable in saying no. To feel worthy of living the life of my dreams. To feel it is my purpose to express myself and manifest my ideas.

It is your birthright to blossom and shine, to be fully YOU. Taking care of your precious self is not selfish it is necessary, without it we deny others and the world the gifts of our brilliance. Taking care of your needs means that when you do give and share with others it comes from a much more authentic source, that has been nourished and nurtured.

Do you have health concerns or are suffering from illness and know that you need to change certain habits but everything feels daunting?

You need support in that process. Nutrition and good quality fresh food are essential to any healing process or as the foundations to a healthy life in general. If you are suffering from niggling symptoms that won't go away such as headaches, joint pain, inflammation, digestive issues, skin disorders, weight issues and mood swings then a nourishing diet is essential in your healing process, whether or not you choose to seek help from conventional or alternative medicine.

Are you already a 'healthy eater' but want to take your diet to the next level to support you in becoming the highest possible version of yourself?

Want to know more on how to 'optimise' your diet and how to add 'superfoods' and tonic herbs into your meals to give extra boost and nutrients. Did you know that there are a million and one things to do with vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, pulses, algae, great quality oils and fermented foods and that eating a predominantly plant based nutrient dense diet is easier than it sounds?


So how are we going to do this? How are we going to get you the attention and space you deserve to make the changes once for all that you've been waiting for?

People always say to me on retreats 'can I please take you home with me!' and this really warms my heart, but I know that I would never be content in just being someone's private chef. I believe too much in the benefits of cooking and engaging with the food we eat. I prefer to pass on the knowledge, skills, recipes and fundamental tools I have acquired to help people empower themselves and feel good about being in their own kitchen cooking their own food!

So, I have created a special package just for YOU! Where you can take me home (for a limited period of course!) and where we can get direct to the source of your needs and equip you with the skills you need to move forwards.


Exclusive Limited Offer.
Only 5 spaces per year!

I am now offering just 5 spaces a year and the opportunity to work with me privately in your own home, one on one or in small groups, to get specific about your needs and help you in prioritising your health, nourishment and self care.

You could kind of call the time we will spend together a mini retreat, personalised just for you.

This unique opportunity will give the time and space for you to go as deep as you want and tailor the sessions exclusively to your needs.

Why a group retreat won't reach the parts of you that you ultimately want reaching and why a group retreat won't get to the source of your needs.

On a retreat there can generally be anything from around 6 - 25 people and often much more on some retreats. It is inevitable then that there is going to be limited possibility for you to get individual attention or really focus on the areas most important to you.

Have you always wanted a retreat experience but don't feel comfortable with strangers and large groups?

These days the retreat industry is booming and the choice of retreats and healthy holiday options overwhelming. Are you tempted to give it a try but feel put off by the thought of sharing a room with a stranger or being out of your comfort zone? Or have you ever been in that situation in a group where you really wanted to ask a question, share an insight or make a comment but didn't because you felt shy or vulnerable speaking out in front of others and then want to kick yourself afterwards for missing out on an opportunity?

Are you feeling in need of a retreat and time for self but just don't have the time or the possibility to travel right now?

You know that feeling when it's time to stop and take a break? When we can feel the body telling us it needs time out but we keep on going because we have things to do, responsibilities, kids to feed, jobs to hold down and people to see.

Been on a retreat before and felt great for a week or so afterwards only to quickly lose the retreat bliss and slip back into old patterns?

Would you have liked to have come home from your retreat with some clear, easy to apply, practical tools to help you in daily life and carry on the benefits gained whilst on retreat? Do you find yourself wishing you could eat like that everyday or find time for yoga practice but can't see how it could be possible with all the demands and responsibilities of real life?

You could say I am somewhat of a retreat expert!

It is because of my own first retreat experience, and the countless after, that I have come to do what I do for my work in addition to the many personal benefits I have experienced.

I work as a holistic chef and yoga teacher and have spent much of the past 10 years in the retreat environment. I have been a student on retreats, cooked for them, lived in them, taught yoga and cookery on them, facilitated and collaborated on my own retreats, worked for some of the leading mainstream yoga holiday companies and been a guest speaker on others. I have seen and experienced first hand the benefits a retreat can make in our lives and I feel passionate about the process and the possibilities that retreats offer and more importantly, in sharing it with YOU and as many people as possible.

I was in a desperate place on my first ever retreat!

Having suffered for over 10 years with severe menstrual pain with no relief or insight from medical sources and feeling lost and confused about my purpose in life, I took myself off to a retreat centre in Crete for my first ever solo trip abroad, into an unknown world that has forever changed my life.

It was the first time I had have ever even tasted 'vegetarian' food and although I remember the menu as quite starchy and heavy, typical wholesome veggie fare, it was a revelation to me then and something totally new. After that retreat I gave up gluten, wheat, dairy, became veggie/vegan practically 90% of the time and began to acknowledge I had a sugar addiction. I also began to practice yoga daily after that, studying seriously and training to teach in addition to a full immersion into the worlds of self growth, spirituality, healing arts, nutrition and holistic health.

From just one retreat I experienced almost instant relief with my menstrual symptoms and found a whole new direction in life. I found myself again!

But what I found was that I had so many light bulb moments, so many questions to ask and so much I wanted to discover that there wasn't the space within the group for that. On retreat the group needs to be taken into consideration which are very different to individual needs and there are schedules to keep to. I had SO many questions and needed a lot of personal guidance at that time.

On my path of 'reeducation' I have experienced the confusion with conflicting information regarding foods, nutrition and health. I have read and researched, studied and experimented but kept coming across one approach that said one thing only to find another that says the opposite.

I saw how it easy it is to give in and stay with what is familiar, but I did know that for me, the alternative was infinitely better.

So I made it my mission to start to find the corresponding truths and connections between different disciplines and systems, to find what resonates between them and uncover the simplicity. I am certainly not an expert, have all the certificates, have all the answers and live in a permanent state of bliss and happiness! But I AM someone who has been there, who IS there, living my life and dealing with the challenges same as you, trying to feed myself the best food possible, use the tools that I have, trying to be present, have gratitude and show up in my life.

It is from this embodied experience and continual study that I can bring to you a retreat experience with a difference, that is completely tailored to you and your needs and can help you make real lasting positive change in your life.


The Ultimate Personalised Holistic Kitchen Home Retreat

Imagine not only being able to experience the benefits of a retreat but in also learning key tools and practices easily integrated into day to day life that can help you:

• create sacred spaces in your home that you can retreat to at any time you need
• prioritise regular time and space for yourself and feel good about prioritising your daily self care needs
• incorporate daily movement/yoga/breathing practices into your life
• eat and cook fantastic, healthy, nourishing food that you enjoy
• feel confident about the choices you make for yourself and in living your truth
• discern what information or advice is right for you and feel more able to trust your judgement
• focus on the things you love to do and that bring you the most joy

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Here are 2 examples of simple practices you can include in daily life that will make a HUGE difference just for starters!

1. Making space for daily practice including movement, breathing and meditation

Even if you can only spare 15 minutes a day you can find time to connect to the body, clear the lungs and find a moment of stillness. Try making the first 15 minutes of your day on waking your practice time. Move slowly and mindfully. This will set the tone for your day and offer immense benefits. In just 15 minutes you can:


  • Stand up and go through the body rotating all the major joints head/neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles.

  • Curl down through the spine slowly exploring the vertebrae, grounding the feet as you come up, slowly, head last. Practice 3 - 5 times.

  • On an inhalation open the arms to come up and meet above the head, bringing the hands down toward the belly on the exhale. Practice 3 - 5 times.

  • Sit somewhere comfortable, with a cushion or support to help the spine elongate if required and to help the hips to relax. Sit either crossed legged, on the heels or on a chair if you need. Close your eyes and exhale deeply. Make a sigh. Begin to watch the natural breath. Notice the inhale and exhale - length, texture, quality, where you feel it. Notice thoughts, let them pass. Stay with the breath. Don't disturb it, just watch. After sometime begin to explore inserting pauses into the inhalation and exhaling fully and then changing to inhaling fully and inserting pauses on the exhale. Practice 5 times each. Return to watching the natural breath.

  • Continue to sit and just be with what is. The sensations, the thoughts, the sounds, any distractions, the stillness inside, the physical body. Acknowledge all and just try to be with it, for another 5 minutes.

  • Feel a smile growing in the heart space and behind the eyes before you return and begin to move. Bring the hands to prayer at the heart and offer gratitude for the practice and the time spent giving to yourself.

2. Organise your kitchen so that it inspires you to cook and stock your cupboards and fridge with foods that you like and know are going to nourish you.

Don't know what that is or how to do that? Don't worry it takes time, and like anything in life that feels new to us, it needs time and space to integrate and become normal.


  • A first step is to try taking a good look in your fridge, freezer and cupboards and be totally honest about what you do and don't use. Get rid of anything that is just sitting there gathering dust or old spices etc. Clear out any processed items or ready made sauces, refined products, commercial and refined oils, white flour products and refined sugar. If you want you can even clear out the wheat and gluten and really go for a clean slate!

  • From there you can stock your kitchen with the basics of real food. Whole grains such as brown rice, spelt, barley (if you do gluten!), others such as quinoa, millet, amaranth and buckwheat. Pulses such as lentils, chickpeas, mung, adzuki beans and black beans. Nuts and seeds. Good quality pure oils such as coconut oil and a good quality clean extra virgin olive oil. An abundance of veggies, full of colour and variety. Be sure to have plenty of dark green veg in there. Include garlic and ginger. Buy good quality spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric, mustard seeds, garam masala, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg etc

  • Choose fresh ripe fruits and include lots of lemons, limes and avocados. Have occasional apples, pears, berries and bananas.

  • And if you choose to eat eggs, meat, fish or dairy then choose wisely and consciously and see these foods as ones to be eaten occasionally, not everyday with every meal.

  • Try a big ol' glass of green juice or green smoothie every day or at least a few times a week, packing in the veggies.

  • Avoid drinking when eating and keep hydrating and digesting times separate.

During our two days together we will get to the core of what YOUR NEEDS are right now and create a programme designed to provide you with all the information, recipes, tools and self care practices essential in helping you live your optimum life.

This experience can help you:

  • Create new or healthier eating habits that support and nourish

  • Gain clarity, bring balance and harmony into daily life

  • Get to the source of unhealthy cravings, food habits and addictions and learn how to manage them

  • Feel more confident that you know how to create nourishing meals and have a solid foundation to work from

  • More clearly interpret your body's needs and know how to meet them

  • Get started with a daily movement practice and exercise programme or help you go deeper with already existing practices


What You Get!
Getting Started and Transitioning
Bespoke Home Retreat
This course is ideal for you if you experience any of the following:

  • You realise that what you currently eat isn't supporting or nourishing you

  • You feel overloaded by too much conflicting information and want to find what is right for you

  • You would like to learn more about holistic cookery and how to create healthy, nutritious, healing and balanced meals

  • You are transitioning from a processed/convenience foods based diet and would like some support and guidance

  • You are already well versed in the kitchen but would like to take the next step with food to the level of eating for optimum nutrition



  • 6 hours per day of hands on cookery training, theory and nutritional understanding

  • Your fridge filled for 7 days with healthy homemade meals and nutritious snacks plus all the essential stock ingredients for your cupboards

  • A 1 1/2 hour yoga class in the morning and a 1 hour class in the evening

  • An introduction to natural self care practices

  • Guided meditations and food consciousness practices

What You Get!

Detox and Yoga Weekend

Bespoke Home Retreat
This course is ideal if you wish to understand more deeply what 'detox' really means, how to do it safely and how to support yourself through the process.

  • Be guided and supported through a two day cleanse

  • Learn ways to support the body's natural detox process on a daily basis and during more in depth cleanses through food, movement, breathing practices and naturopathic techniques

  • Understand the 'routes of elimination' and how to release toxins safely

  • Reconnect to your inner wisdom and gain clarity

  • Rest your digestive system; make space in the body and mind to enable clearer thinking and emotional stability



  • 3 hours per day of hands on cookery training focusing on cleansing and high alkaline foods

  • A 30 minute juice/smoothie making masterclass

  • 2 hours yoga per day

  • 45 minutes cleansing pranayama practice (breathwork) per day

  • 45 minutes per day of qi gong for health and wellbeing

  • Your fridge filled and cupboards stocked with 7 days of healthy meals and nutritious snacks to support your transition post detox

  • Advice and guidance on self care practices that support cleansing

What You Get!
Family Package
Bespoke Home Retreat
This course is ideal for you if:
  • You feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start in feeding yourself and your family a healthy diet

  • You struggle to care for your own needs whilst looking after a family

  • You want to be able to feed your family nutritious stress free meals

  • You would like to understand how to create meals that meet the different needs of your family

  • You are a single parent needing support



  • 5 hours per day of hands on cookery training

  • 30 minute yoga class per day for your children

  • A 1.5 hour yoga class per day for one or both parents

  • Your fridge filled and cupboards stocked for 7 days with healthy meals and nutritious snacks

Extra Bonuses for all!
In addition you will receive the following bonusues:

  • A 1 hour skype consultation in advance to ensure the time we spend together meets your needs

  • A 30 minute follow up skype session post retreat

  • A complete recipe pack of all the dishes we create together

  • A copy of The Holistic Kitchen Ebook

  • A free goodie bag worth over £100


EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS to anyone who signs up before December 31st 2015:

20% off ANY of my up and coming retreats

SAVING over £500 on the full value price.

Special Group Discount
For groups of up to 4 people
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Secure your space today
Pay your deposit here NOW to secure one of these limited spaces, you can then take the course at any time that suits us both during the next 6 months. A non refundable deposit of 35% is required to secure your booking. The balance is required within 2 months of the retreat date. Cancellations within 7 days incur the full cost of the retreat.
One Person:
Pay your deposit of £521.50 now to secure your space
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Ps. Remember that you will be only one of five people or groups per year to experience this ultimate in home retreats with me. Book right now to ensure your place this year.

* All prices apply to UK or European destinations only. If you are from further afield then please get in touch with me and we can discuss in more detail.

In service to your best health and wellbeing,

Hayley x